Curlew Cottage and the Curlew Bird

You may not be aware of it but Curlew Cottage is in fact named after the Curlew bird. Its striking profile is pictured in the wrought iron weathervane on top of the cottage roof. You might be surprised to learn that the Curlew is the largest European wading bird and is about the same size as a female pheasant. It is instantly recognisable on winter estuaries or summer moors by its long, downcurved bill, brown upperparts, long legs and evocative call.  Its haunting display call (‘cur-lee’) is unmistakable and can be heard from February through to July on its breeding grounds, from wet grasslands and farmland, to heath and moorlands. 

We have however yet to see one wading in the pond at Curlew Cottage! But we will keep our eyes peeled. 

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